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Finishes of rubber foam

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Finishes of rubber foam199

Skin Cell– 

This is the most simple and pure finish offered. It does not have any fabrics laminated to the surface and consists of the natural texture, finish and grip of the synthetic rubber itself.

Finishes of rubber foam524

Smooth Skin– 

This finish is smooth, non-porous and semi-matte in appearance.  Sheets with this smooth finish only come from the top and bottom exterior surfaces of the raw uncut neoprene block during formation.  Smooth Skin sheets have the smooth skin on one side, and either Skin Cell or a laminated fabric on the other.

Finishes of rubber foam727

Mesh Skin (Shark Skin)– 

With an appearance resembling knit mesh netting, this finely textured tread-like finish is embossed on the surface of the rubber.  This finish offers subtle traction and grip.

Finishes of rubber foam987

Diamond/Hexagon Tread– 

Exterior finish that is embossed with small or large repeating diamond or hexagon shapes to form a pattern that offers superior tread due to its well-pronounced channels.  Available with or without face fabric laminated over pattern.

Finishes of rubber foam1145


Skin Cell neoprene that has been perforated to maximize breathability and ventilation.  Hole patterns available with 1.5mm and 3.0mm spacing.





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